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Guide to buy Bitcoin and use it to purchase products on our website:

Below, we will guide you through the exact stages with images on how to buy Bitcoin from two of the best websites available: Paybis And Coinmama

If none of these work for you, or you get trouble with the verification processes of the above websites, Do not worry.  At the end of the page is a guide to buying bitcoin directly from a bitcoin Atm Machine with CASH at any location beside you.

Any time during this process when prompted for a wallet address to send the coins to:



Buy Bitcoin With Using Credit/Debit Card On Paybis.com

Follow The Below Steps to purchase bitcoin on paybis.com.

How to Register on Paybis?

Taking it from the top, first, let’s register on the platform.

Step 1: Go to the Paybis official website, and press Sign Up.

Step 2: On the screen that pops up, you’ll be asked to enter your email address, and create a password.

Step 3: Once you do that, you will be redirected to the exchange part of the platform, and you’ll be able to start buying your desired cryptocurrency.

Now, talk about a seamless registration process, huh? Wow, that’s was fast! Naturally, you should expect requests to confirm your email and pass KYC verification processes in due time, but as far s the very-initial registration is concerned, it literally takes no more than 30 seconds!


Now that you’ve registered on the site, the next step is to start trading and buying your bitcoin. Since Paybis does redirect you to the exchange part of their site upon registration, we’ll take it from there.

Step 1: First of all, you should choose your payment methods by pressing the little arrow on the “You spend” section of the exchange screen. Here, you will be able to choose your desired payment method, and also the fiat currency that you’ll be charged for the transaction. Once done, enter the amount of money that you’d like to spend.

Step 2: Now, follow through with the same process in the “You receive” section, too. Here, you will have to pick the desired cryptocurrency that you’d like to purchase.

Step 3: Once you press Buy Bitcoin, you will be redirected to a separate page where you will then be asked to pass some KYC verification processes. These processes involve providing Paybis with proof of your identity, a selfie, and then your residential address, too.

Once that’s done, you will then be allowed to complete your transaction!

Buy Bitcoin Using Credit/Debit Card On Coinmama.com

1. First, you will need to visit the official Coinmama website which can be accessed here.

2. The easiest way to open an account is to choose and enter the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to purchase, and press Buy. Coinmama supports Visa, MasterCard, ApplePay, SEPA, and some more payment options.

3. Now you will need to enter email, your full name, choose a strong password and enter your country of residence.

4. Don’t forget to confirm your email address by clicking the link Coinmama send to your email! If you fail to do so now, you will be prompted to confirm the email later on.

5. Once you have logged into your account, navigate to the Buy page, and select what you’d like to purchase – in this case, We’ll Prefer Bitcoin (BTC)

You can also enter a custom amount of BTC (The amount of your order )that you’d like to purchase, too – the price will be presented in the currency of your choice.

8. You will see that you first need to verify your account. Click on “verification“.

9. In the following windows, you will then be asked to re-confirm your full name and then enter your date of birth, phone number, and full address. Make sure this matches the address on your payment card or it will be declined!

10. Next up, you’ll need to enter your identification details. This will be either your passport or driver’s license. Double-check that you have entered the correct information or it may delay the process! Then click on Next.

11. You will then be asked to upload your documents. You will need to upload the front and back of your ID and then the following:

  • A selfie of you holding your ID.
  • An image of you holding a piece of paper saying “Coinmama” with today’s date.

12. Once you click on submit, it normally only takes around 10 minutes for Coinmama to verify your ID. Make sure your images are clear, otherwise they might ask you to take them again.

13. Once this has been completed, you will receive an email once your account has been verified. Congratulations, you can now buy up to $15,000 in cryptocurrency!

14. Now all you need to do is repeat the previous steps to complete your purchase. At the final stage, you will be asked to enter your debit or credit card details, as well as your Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet address.


As soon as the payment is confirmed the coins will be instantly sent to the wallet address you filled above!

How to locate and use a Bitcoin ATM to buy Bitcoin with cash

This guide will cover the Bitcoin ATM process and walk you through how to locate and use one to purchase Bitcoin with cash.

With this , we suggest you download a bitcoin storage app such as bitcoin.com wallet or blockchain wallet on play or appstore to complete this process.

Step 1: Finding a Bitcoin ATM near you

After you have decided that you want to buy Bitcoin with cash using an ATM (also referred to as a BATM), you will need to find one closest to you. We have you covered here, as we have mapped out over 1200+ Bitcoin ATM’s all over the world with the help of Coin ATM Radar. With this map, you should be able to find some BATM’s close to your home location.


Step 2: Start the process

It may seem like a daunting task, but when it’s all said and done you will see that buying Bitcoin from an ATM is fast and easy. Before going to the Bitcoin ATM, a good thing to have handy in advance is a Bitcoin wallet already downloaded to your mobile device and ready to go (and backed up). That way when you go to buy, you can generate a Bitcoin wallet receiving address without having to worry about it at the BATM. If you download the Bitcoin.com Wallet, you can see how to use it here.

When you’re ready, head on over to your local Bitcoin ATM. When you arrive, it should look something like the image pictured inline (all locations will obviously be different). The next step will be to begin using the BATM.

Step 3: Using the Bitcoin ATM

Begin by tapping on the screen that you want to buy coins. Depending on the BATM, the process may be slightly different for each one, but in general, most machines follow a similar buying process.

At this point, the BATM will ask you how much Bitcoin you want to buy and to verify yourself by entering in your mobile phone number so you can receive a text (sms) message to confirm.

Then the BATM should ask you where you want your Bitcoin to be sent – this is where you will need your Bitcoin wallet receiving address. To generate your wallet receiving address, using the Bitcoin.com Wallet, simply tap “Receive” on the top left. This will automatically generate a new address for you typed-out and also in the form of a QR code that can be scanned.

Here you will want to hold the QR code that is showing in the wallet up to the BATM so it can be scanned (so they know where to send you the Bitcoin). You will want to follow the instructions on the screen, which may read something like the image pictured inline to hold the QR code 4-6 inches away from the scanner.

Once the machine scans your wallet QR code, it will have you confirm the address in your wallet – double check to ensure that it’s correct before proceeding. The next step will be to insert the cash that you want to buy Bitcoin with into the machine.

You should be able to insert any amount of cash so long as it meets the minimum and maximums amounts allowed by the BATM. On the screen you should also see the amount of Bitcoin you are purchasing denominated in your local currency and also in the coin ticker amount (for example, it may say $20.00 USD and 0.1387446 BCH).

When you’re ready, finish the transaction. This will then prompt the machine to print out the receipt which will show the BATM transaction details and confirm the transaction details. Once this is done, you will receive your Bitcoin to your wallet within just a couple of minutes. And that’s it, you just bought Bitcoin from a BATM.

Once complete, enter your wallet and send the coins to our wallet address to complete the payment of your order.


As soon as the payment is confirmed the coins will be instantly sent to the wallet address you filled above!